The energy of little thoughts make a big difference. True to the saying, over two decades ago, a difference was initiated. Year 1984, the chemistry of ideas evolved from
Mr. Harshad Shah and Mr. Mukesh Shah amalgamated to give rise to Quality Group. Upholding the subtlety of the name, the company stands tall to cohere quality and technology in its products.

Today, Quality Group pioneers nationally and globally with its unparalleled range of products comprising of Polymer Additives to Aqueous Wax Emulsion, Industrial Lube Oil Additives to Auxiliary Chemicals. Catering to manifold businesses from Rigid PVC Pipes & Fittings, Metal Working Fluids, Road Marking Paints, Printing Ink, Textile & others, the company strives to nurture innovation to achieve standards that soars high. The company's persistent research and development is the cornerstone for developing products that transcend the quality systems from time to time. These incessant efforts stands on the core pillars that defines the journey


To build value for customer through – Quality, Consistency & Innovation.


To develop innovative yet cost competitive products to meet the needs of our customers by leveraging our knowledge of chemistry, manufacturing infrastructure and service orientation.

Core Values

  • Employees: Our employees are our assets. We believe the growth of the organization is the result of each employer's growth. We will achieve this by providing professional, safe, and secure environment where every employee will be encouraged to innovate and grow.
  • Vendors: Our vendors and suppliers are not external to us but core part of our promise to our customers. We will enable their growth both qualitative and quantitative through fair dealing that fosters a spirit of mutual trust.
  • Investors: We will seek growth and profitability from our operations by leveraging our brand strength and strong business model, professional management, prudent financial decisions while adhering to highest standards of corporate governance.
  • Objective: To be one of the pioneers in developing and manufacturing specialty chemical/performance chemicals.

The Director Speaks

Chemicals are used in every thinkable industry, only their forms are different. Whether it is for paints, or construction or paper, the chemical industry's bandwidth has been escalating year after year. Precisely why, Quality Group rules the roost since its inception in 1990. We are committed to offering quality specialty chemicals in order to be instrumental, by putting in our candid efforts, in the building process of our nation.

Our team thrives on providing patrons with high-performance products at competitive prices and on-time deliveries. In times such as recession and inflation, we faced tough market conditions but like they say, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

For this, we sincerely 'thank you' for putting your trust and belief in us.

You have been our pillars of success.

Rushabh Shah | CEO

Quality Group's Journey

A journey of innovation, performance and trust commenced in 1984. From trading company to a nation-wide leading manufacturing chemical company, Quality Group has a rich history of addressing the world’s most critical challenge of specialty chemicals for industries as diverse as Rigid PVC Pipes & Fittings, Metal Working Fluids, Road Marking Paints, Printing Ink, Textile and more. Forging ahead with this virtues, we're confident in where we are headed to benefit our customers.

  1. 1984: First incorporated as a “specialty” chemical trading company in the year 1984, marking the Group's entry into the world of chemicals. That's how a team entrepreneurs initiated the foundations of the Quality Group we know today.
  2. 1989: Expanded from the year 1984 led to the foundation of its first chemical manufacturing unit to bring high-quality products to as many customer as possible.
  3. 2000: Rushabh Shah, the third generation leader, joined as a Chief Executive Officer of Quality Group who spearheaded the expansion and identification of the company.
  4. 2005: Quality Group's strong chemical presence and customized products is founded on a strong commitment to world class R&D, demonstrated by a team of acclaimed scientists.
  5. 2010: Acquainted a new process orientation for different departments, as well as attained BVQI – ISO certification, which is an international standard for quality management systems.
  6. 2015: In response to the growing chemical demand from industries, Quality Group started its second manufacturing unit.


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